FBI Miami CAAA Board of Directors

2019 Board of Directors

  • Nina Cohen, President
  • Dr. Larry Feldman, Vice President
  • Anita Paoli-Kotler, Secretary
  • R. Gregory Schott, Treasurer
  • Zenora Ali, Director
  • Nina Cohen, Director
  • Kelly M. Darden, Director, Retired FBI Miami ASAC
  • Mike Bloom, Director
  • Hernand Gonzalez, Director
  • Dr. Alan Lieberman, Director, Speakers Bureau Chair
  • Roy Ripak, Director
  • Beth Bailey, Director, Reading is Fun Director
  • Bruce Klasner, Director, FBI Youth Academy Director
  • Arlene Carvajal, Director
  • Brian Asarnow, Director
  • Omar Barrera, Director
  • Shanna Jordan, Director, Membership Coordinator

            Board of Directors, Emeritus

  • Rixys Alfonso, Past President
  • Stephen H. Schott, Director
  • Armando Gutierrez, Director, Founder
  • Mohsin Jaffer, M.D., Director
  • Kelly A. Lopez, Director, VP
  • Rita Scott, Past President, Founder

Interest in joining the Board?


  • Graduated from the Citizens Academy
  •  Must be an alumni member in good standing
  • Willing to fulfill the fiduciary duties of a non-profit director 
  • Committed to providing ethical and sound leadership for effective organizational development and growth
  • Completed Service on a FBI Miami CAAA Committee