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National Security Intelligence Academy (NSI) at Barbara Goleman Sr. High School

The National Security Intelligence Academy (NSI) is an amazing educational program facilitated and in partnership with the FBI Miami, teacher and FBI Miami Staff Member, Peter Falcon and Principal and FBI Miami CAAA Alumni Member, Joaquin Hernandez.
The academy and magnet program is conducted at Barbara Goleman Senior High in the Miami-Dade School district.  It is also referred to as The Law Enforcement and Intelligence Studies Magnet.
This unique magnet program was specially designed for Barbara Goleman Sr. High. The academy has two strands: The Law Enforcement and Intelligence strand and Forensic Science.
Magnet academy leader for the NSI program and Command and Tactical Operations Center Specialist (CTOC) Peter Falcon, has been teaching for 23 years and has been working with the FBI Miami Division for 25 years.
Falcon, along with the administration at Barbara Goleman, have worked to create a magnet program so any student interested in law enforcement and forensic science can learn from specialists and apply academic studies into real life scenarios. This magnet program will facilitate entry into various law enforcement careers. 



FBI Forensic Investigative Academy (FIA), Palmetto Senior High School

The first-of-its-kind FBI Forensic Investigative Academy, FIA, (Est. 2015) is based upon a high-leverage strategic thinking curriculum and part of  the  rigorous College academic achievements Board Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone Program at Miami Palmetto Senior High, a premiere school with a rich legacy of academic achievement and parental and community support.
Teachers and students participation in the FIA are afforded the opportunity to engage collaboratively with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Selected teachers will participate in the FBI Citizens Academy for a period of (8) weeks. 
The FBI Citizens Academy will offer these teachers an up-close and personal look at ‘how’ the FBI operates, its mission, legal authority, range of responsibilities. 
Students selected to participate in the FBI Youth Academy (Summer Academy), in partnership with the FBI Miami Citizens Academy Alumni and Miami Dade College, join an elite group of students learning the inner workings of the FBI and take part in a diverse schedule which includes practical applications and scenario-based training.
Additionally, students in the FIA will be mentored by the FBI Citizens Academy Graduates (Alumni) and on a weekly basis participate in a school site symposium lead by an FBI Agent.



FBI Youth Academy at Everglades High School

Over the past eight years the FBI Miami Division in conjunction with Everglades High School has a Memo of Understanding agreement to provide an FBI Youth Academy Program for high school 11th and 12th graders.  Over the past three years, the program has expanded from 35 students to over 120 students.  We have recently added a second level (2) to the FBI Youth Academy program adding 10th graders.  The extension of the program was due to the fact that students lobbied for and successfully got a two-year level program to include the 10th grade.
The interaction of the students and the agents has led to an increased awareness of how the Bureau protects us domestically.  Students have gone on to join the Marines and some have joined local law enforcement because of the program.  This is such a popular class that we expect to add on more sections within the next two years. 

Students from Everglades High School provide perfect feeder program into the week long FBI Miami CAAA's FBI Youth Program at Miami Dade College.